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About Us

In around 2003 a group of people met online trying to achieve the same goal. We all had different reasons, but all needed a standalone engine management solution that wasn't completely covered by others on the market. 


My name is Jason Russell. I'm a partner in the VEMS adventure. I oversee the North American operations including sales, support, and also have responsibility in the direction of the products, especially new product development and documentation. My early involvement was due to the need to find an ECU for my 1987 RX7 turbo. I loved HeathKit as a kid, and built many of their projects as a learning tool and used them after, but I didn't want to do that with my car's engine management. Over countless hours of online collaboration, we ended up designing what is now the VEMS V3 hardware. It was the first ECU we know of to actually include a wideband controller ON the ECU board. This made tuning and closed loop operation extremely fast and efficient. We rolled out the hardware with 8 injector channels, 8 ignition channels, stepper motor for idle control or 4 extra push/pull channels, plus the standard features people expect from a quality ECU. We chose an extruded aluminum case that was extremely rugged and available in small quantities to get started. The connectors we chose were automotive grade sealed connectors you would expect to find in a car. The firmware has evolved over the years to include an amazing amount of function. We were the first we know of to properly support the Inline 5 Audi triggering method used in the 1990's. This evolved into a plug and play unit for the Audi 5 cylinder cars which became popular beyond our expectations. We have since made our own tuning software with extreme focus on making it easy and fast from the perspective of the person doing the tuning. We have also added a crazy amount of features into the firmware and supported most every trigger we've been asked to. There's a trigger log feature in the firmware, and often times a new trigger setup is as simple as taking a triggerlog with a few trigger configurations and in a short time, we can provide the settings for that trigger, or if needed modify the firmware to support it. Usually this can be done in a few weeks, depending on the other workload at the time. I hope you find what you are looking for in our products. If you're a current customer, a sincere Thank You. We love helping people get the full performance of their engine, and it's what drives us to do what we do. 




For customer support we can be reached at

Email: [email protected] (Preferred, since we can reply at any time of day)
Customer Service Phone (USA): 1-802-893-8788 (language: English)
Customer Service Phone (EU): 36-1-257-3796 (language: English or Hungarian)
Postal Address: 158 Brentwood Drive, Suite 1, Colchester, VT 05446, USA
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For product support, please contact a local reseller or visit our friendly support forums here: VEMS Forums