VEMS - Documentation Download

VemsTune help also serves as thorough documentation

Our most currect documentation for our standalone ECU is contained in the help files in our VemsTune tuning software. We duplicate it online here to make it convenient.  


Video Tutorials

 Professional video tutorials on most aspects of using VemsTune. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel where we post more detailed smaller topic tutorials to answer questions.


Wire-in ECU Install Guide

A quick reference on how to install our wire-in ECU


Motronic55 Install Guide (Coming Soon)

Installation guide for the Motronic55 ECU, primarily for Audi 5 cylinder, but has other applications as well.  


BMW M50 Install Guide (Coming Soon)

Installation guide for the BMW88 ECU, primarily for the M50/S50 engines, but has other applications as well.


EAW-52 Wideband/EGT Gauge Guide (Coming Soon)

Installation and configuration options for our very powerful wideband/egt gauge that can control outputs such as a boost controller too.


VemsTune FlexFuel Setup Guide

Want to run a variable ethanol blend like e85? Or run e10 and e85? Or just know for sure how much ethanol is in your fuel? This will guide you through the settings on getting the ethanol % displayed in VemsTune.