EGT amplifier (DSUB9)

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EGT amplifier in a standard DB9 connector housing.
Compatible with any K-type thermocouple (not just VEMS EGT sensors)
Works from 10-15V supply, features 2 outputs:
  • 1V / 100C output useful to watch EGT on a DVM: DVM shows 9.90 (V) for 990C EGT temperature. (Junction temp is considered, and no calibration is required.
  • 0-5V output for dataloggers. 1V / 239 C
  • Fahrenheit reading directly on DVM is currently not supported. If you insist on Fahrenheit-scale EGT reading (instead of the 0-5V output), that is you want 1000F=1.000V, write in the order note: not recommended: because there is an offset at roomtemp because 0C=32F not 0F. Effectively: 1000F=1.000V, 800F=0.794V, 1200F=1.206V)

DSUB9 pinout: Female on sensor (male on DVM / ECU / data acquisition). More info on reference paper
  • 1 -
  • 2 -
  • 3 -
  • 4 -
  • 5 - GND
  • 6 - 1V/239C logic output = 1195C @ 5V (75k/(75k+100k))
  • 7 - 1V/100C output
  • 8 - +12v
  • 9 -

A matching DSUB9 (male) connector is included.
  • "with_wire=yes" means wires soldered (with a fuse) to make it easier to connect to +12V supply and DVM.
  • A 6mm (conical type, see image) VEMS EGT-sensor (click here) is included if "with_sensor=yes"

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