High Capacity 3 Port Boost Control Valve

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Quick Overview

High Capacity 3 Port Boost Control Valve


12V electronically controlled (solenoid) 3-way pneumatic valve (MAC 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA)
Rated VAC to 120 psi (upto 8.2 bar) pressure

Resistance: R=appr. 25 Ohm ( 14.7V / R < 600 mA max. Use injector or power-IGBT ignition output to drive, or stepper output, but NOT p259 output).
Also useful: AMP connector pair or SSC connector pair

Common applications:

  • BoostControl
  • VariableIntake

There is a connection diagram on http://www.vems.hu/wiki/index.php?page=BoostController
The solenoid has 3 nipples: The standard way is to
  • connection1 = athmosphere
  • connection2 = wastegate bottom.
  • connection3 = MAP (manifold pressure)

That way by default (low boost-PWM duty) very high MAP will open the wastegate (and regulate boost with this negative feedback), but with high boost-PWM duty boost (=high MAP) will have less effect to open the wastegate.
Because it is a 3-way valve it can be connected in other ways as well. For best effect 2 pneumatic valves can be connected in parallel electronically, and antiparallel pneumatically if wastegate has 2 nipples (bottom and top chambers).

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