Bosch Motorsport 2x2 Ignition

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Bosch Motorsport 2x2 Waste Spark Ignition Module


Bosch motorsport 2x2 ignition modules
Powerful and durable 2x2 proven wasted spark ignition transformers. Connector (with receptacles and rubber boot) is included: 3 pin AMP connector for the the 2x2 model
Must be driven by ECU power outputs ("IGBT-s"), NOT logiclevel outputs.
Bosch 0 221 503 407 datasheet
This ignition module is 2 wastespark modules. Appropriate for a 4 Cylinder engine
Pinout of the 2x2 (3 pin connector):
  • pin1 : input
  • pin2 : +12V supply
  • pin3 : input

The connector is numbered. The order of inputs is the same as the order of output pairs (mechanically). IMPORTANT: Unused high-voltage outputs MUST BE grounded. Eg when only 5 high-voltage spark outputs are used, than 6th MUST BE grounded. (eg. audi 5cyl with 12453 firing order: cyl2,5 paired; cyl3,4 paired and cyl1 has no pair-cylinder, but the unused HV output grounded).
You can verify the pinout easily by DVM (200 Ohm measurement range). The resistance between an input pin and the supply pin is lower (measures 0.5 .. 1.3 Ohm) than the resistance between two input pins ( 1 .. 1.9 Ohm). Theoretically resistance is twice as high, but the resistance of the DVM cables (about 0.3 .. 0.7 Ohm) is in the circuit during measurement.

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