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You can choose from several types, described on this page . Write your choice to the order note. Default is VIV6464 for 6/4mm (4 mm internal, 6 mm external diameter) tube that matches MPX4250AP pressure sensor. Connectors for 5/3mm (3 mm internal, 5 mm external diameter) tube (that matches eg. MPXH6400AC6 pressure sensor) are also possible: specify VIV5353 or VIV6453 in the order note.
  • NEW: MV64ELBOW 90 degree elbow for 6/4mm tube. With 1/8" NPT (tapering, not cylindrical) male-thread it can be tapped into a tube/manifold for the vacuum/pressure signal.
  • MV64 or MV in short. 64 means 6/4mm tube. This is the old, straight type. Practical for tapping into a tank/tube/manifold for the vacuum/pressure signal.
  • VIV6464 6/4mm on both sides (fits in 10mm drill)
  • VIV6453 asymetric connector switches from 6/4mm to 5/3mm, used for the MPXH6400 400kPa MAP sensor that has 5/3 nipple (fits in 10mm drill)
  • VIV5353 the VIV6453 is more popular, because the 6/4 tube is available in higher temp (this small VIV5353 connector fits in 7mm drill)

Take care to use vacuum bearing connector on the MAP side of the throttle (V in the code, not P). The boost side that never sees serious vacuum can be either (V or P) type. Therefore most popular items are VIV and VVV.

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