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IGBT for (CDI/inductive) ignition applications with around 400V self-clamping feature, with reasonable (above 330mJ at room temperature) avalanche energy durability. Logic level gate drive, nice for GenBoard v3.x Usually HGTP14N40F3VL or IRGB14L40C (14A continuous). A few IGBTs, with GenBoard v3.x can compete with most DIS racing ignition kits (but provides much more), the dwell can be configured to match the coil and application.
See also:
  • For driving fuelpump (around 10A if driven directly, not via a relay) and other low-voltage devices we usually choose the FET (lower dissipation) not IGBT
  • under 1A (eg. small lights) small NPN (like 2N2222) or the stepperdriver
  • under 350mA (most relays) the TPIC6A259 (that has 8 channels).
Negotiate price if you need many.

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